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Video: Justin Vernon, Megafaun Do ‘Boomer’s Story’ In Durham, NC

Last night Justin Vernon joined his old bandmates, Megafaun, for a spirited verson of Carson Jay Robison’s “Boomer’s Story,” the title song of Ry Cooder’s third album.

“Boomer’s Story”:


“Kaufman’s Ballad”:

Thanks, Stereogum!

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Listen: Stream Or Download Volcano Choir’s Remix EP

Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir is giving away their new Comrade remix ep.

The tracks:

1 Comrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)
2 Comrade (Altos Remix)
3 Comrade (Collections Of Colonies Of Bees Remix)
4 Comrade (Rosenau Remix)

Listen below or download at Soundcloud.

Insights Into Volcano Choir


It’s not exactly breaking news, but this 12 minute ‘documentary’ on Volcano Choir is pretty cool and you get to hear some music off the new album, Repave.

Here’s a track off the album as well: