Audio: Writer/Historian Sean Wilentz on Bob Dylan – An Hour-Plus Interview – 2011

Interview with Sean Wilentz on WGBH Cambridge Forum, October 2011.

from the WGBH website:

Fifty years ago young Bob Dylan arrived in New York to begin his career as a musician, song-writer, poet, and artist. Over that span of time, he developed an enormous and enormously influential body of work and has come to occupy a unique place in America’s cultural history.

In his latest book Bob Dylan in America, Sean Wilentz brings together the skills of an eminent historian and the passion of an ardent fan to trace Dylan’s roots in American musical culture. Written with unprecedented access to studio tapes, notes and photos, Wilentz’s critically acclaimed biography explores the complete arc of Dylan’s artistic development. How is Dylan the product of a particular time and place? What are the sources of his continuing influence?

[In August of this year I’ll be publishing my rock ‘n’ roll/ coming-of-age novel, “True Love Scars,” which features a narrator who is obsessed with Bob Dylan. To read the first chapter, head here.

Or watch an arty video with audio of me reading from the novel here.

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  1. Considering how absolutely wrong Mr. Wilentz is concerning George Jackson, I don’t see how anyone, or, at least, me, can ever take him seriously.

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