Audio: Hear Rare Version Of ‘Please Crawl Out Your Window’ Right Now!

BD5_Bootleg12_ (c)Jerry Schatzberg

In the San Francisco Bay Area, in September of 1965, to followup Bob Dylan’s Top 40 hit, “Like A Rolling Stone,” radio stations started playing the next Dylan single, “Positively 4th Street.” I loved the song and soon bought a copy at the record store a mile from my house in Mill Valley. When I got home and played it though, it wasn’t the new Dylan song I’d heard on the radio.

What I had was a pressing with a version of “Please Crawl Out Your Window,” a song Dylan had recorded with the Highway 61 Revisited Band, which of course included Michael Bloomfield on guitar. And it was great too.

Today I’ve got a different version of “Please Crawl Out Your Window,” the very first take. It’s quite different, including some minor differences in the lyrics.

Check it out.

The version that was on my single:

And a version released in December 1965 with Dylan and The Band:

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