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Video: New Order Debut First New Song in a Decade in Santiago, Chile

Last night New Order played a new song, “Drop the Guitar,” – their first in nearly a decade – at Lollapalooza Chile in Santiago, Chile last night.

Check it out.

“Drop the Guitar”:

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Video: Neil Young at Dolby Theater to Obnoxious Fan, ‘F**K You!’ Plus ‘Heart of Gold’ & Many More

Photo via Zimbio.

Neil Young performed solo at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles last night March 30, 2014.

Thanks to a couple of fans, we can see and hear some of the show.

Over at Thrasher’s Wheat, some fans who saw the show were enthusiastic. However some fans at the show went overboard.

Blogger Rasputin1981 writes:

Great show .. Sadly still haven’t seen Thrasher .. Basically the same setlist except Blowin in the Wind instead of Thrasher, no harvest moon or flying on the ground and Reason to Believe instead of Are you ready for the country …

There was a complete ass who yelled for Cinnamon Girl after ever single song .. Just insane .. What’s wrong with these people? Neil finally couldn’t take it anymore and just screamed “fuck you” back. Everyone erupted in applause.

You can see Young scream “Fuck you” in this clip:

“Mellow My Mind”:



“A Man Needs A Maid”:

“Southern Man”:

“If You Could Read My Mind”:

“Heart Of Gold”:

“Heart Of Gold,” another view:

“Long May You Run”:

“Long May You Run” another view”:

Setlist (thanks to Sugar Mountain):

From Hank To Hendrix/ On The Way Home / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Love In Mind / Philadelphia / Mellow My Mind / Reason to Believe / Someday / Changes / Harvest / Old Man // Goin’ Back / A Man Needs A Maid / Ohio / Southern Man / Mr. Soul / If You Could Read My Mind / After The Gold Rush / Heart Of Gold // Blowin’ In The Wind / Long May You Run

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Audio: Stream Flaming Lips Cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

So the Flaming Lips actually did record their version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, which they’ve titled Flaming Side of the Moon.

Here’s the press release about it:

March, 31st 2014 – (Burbank, CA.) – THE FLAMING LIPS continue to explore the rich world of PINK FLOYD with their new digital release, FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON.

Designed as an immersive companion piece to the original 1973 album, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, listeners are encouraged to listen to the new LIPS album while listening to DARK SIDE at the same time. FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON was also carefully crafted to sync up perfectly with the 1939 film, THE WIZARD OF OZ. For ideal listening conditions, fans are encouraged to seek out the original Alan Parsons’ engineered quadraphonic LP mix of DARK SIDE, but it will work with the album on any format.

Give it a listen:

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Video: Watch Neil Young Record ‘Needle Of Death’ in Jack White’s 1947 Voice-o-Graph Machine

Neil Young recording “Needle Of Death.”

Last year Neil Young went down to Nashville and recorded the Bert Jansch song “Needle of Death” at Jack White’s Third Man Records in the 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine.

Apparently Young recorded the song for the Celebration of Bert Jansch at The Royal Festival Hall on December 3, 2013. The video of Young cutting the track was shown at the event.

The video was online briefly, then pulled.

Now it’s back. Watch it while you can.

And here’s a version of the song from Jan. 6, 2014, Carnegie Hall:

“Needle of Death,” Jan. 7, 2014, Carnegie Hall:

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Video: Neil Young Performs Acoustic Show in Los Angeles, March 29, 2014

Photo by Brian van der Brug via the Los Angeles Times.

Last night Neil Young performed at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reviewed the show:

It wasn’t a big leap to wonder during Saturday’s opening night of Neil Young’s four-night run of solo acoustic concerts in Hollywood whether Jesus, if he returned to address a modern-day audience, would have to contend with a steady stream of shouts from the back for “Sermon on the Mount!” “Water into wine!” and “Free Bird!”
Young fielded a similar barrage of requests (“Cinnamon Girl!” “Down By the River!”) and comments (“You’re the man!”) from the sold-out crowd at the Dolby Theatre good-naturedly.

At one point he tacitly acknowledged the tone of almost spiritual pilgrimage in the air by shaking the water out of a harmonica onto folks sitting in the first few rows, a rock ’n’ roll priest anointing his flock. He even shifted into request mode himself after another outburst from fans, mock shouting “The Beatles!” “The Rolling Stoooooones!” “Free Bird!”

Read the full review here.

Check out the review in the Hollywood Reporter here.

(Watch videos from the March 30, 2014 show in this post.)

Below I’ve got a full take of “Goin’ Back” that sounds awesome, and then fragments of some other songs. Hopefully more complete songs will surface soon.

“Goin’ Back”:

“From Hank to Hendrix” fragment:

“If You Could Read My Mind” fragment:

“Mr. Soul” fragment:

“After the Gold Rush” fragment:

Here’s the setlist for the March 29, 2014 show.

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Video: Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Ron Wood at Live Aid 1985; Dylan: ‘We couldn’t hear anything’

Dylan at Live Aid.

In theory, Bob Dylan performing with Keith Richards and Ron Wood at Live Aid in 1985 should have been a home run.

One could imagine Richards and Wood adding ragged harmony vocals, and each supplying wiry guitar solos.

Oh but that was not to be. Instead they’re like the two stooges, floundering and posing while Dylan does his best to deliver three of his classics.

Looking at these clips now, I’m surprised at how good Dylan sounds. Despite his loaded buddies, he pulls this three-song set off, even dealing with a busted string.

Ron Wood, Dylan and Keith Richards at Live Aid.

That night there was a private party inside the second floor suite at the Palace Hotel in Philadelphia. I was reporting a cover story on Live Aid for Rolling Stone (August 15, 1985 issue) and managed to get into the party, which was attended by Dylan, Wood and Richards, as well as Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Stephen Stills, former Temptations Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin, Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, Jack Nicholson, Neil Young, Miami Vice‘s Don Johnson and others.

I asked Richards what it was like for him to play with Dylan.

“Well it’s not the first time,” he said.

“It’s the first time you’ve played together in public,” I said.

“Yeah, first time before a paying audience. Course we didn’t get paid.” He laughed, and joked, “Would have been better if we’d gotten paid.”

I went up to Dylan and asked if he’d had fun on stage.

“Fun?” he said. “No, we couldn’t hear anything. We had fun rehearsing.”

“Ballad of Hollis Brown”:

“When the Ship Comes In”:

“Blowin’ in the Wind”:

Plus here’s Dylan at the Willie Nelson Tribute Birthday Party, May 1993, singing “Hard Times”:

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Listen: Darkside Remix St. Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness’

New remix from Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington) of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness.”

Check it out here.

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Video: Stephen Malkmus, Spiral Stairs Mini Pavement Reunion, Perform ‘Stereo’

Last night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, Scott Kannberg, a.k.a. Spiral Stairs joined Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks to perform Pavement’s “Stereo.”

Check it out:

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Audio: Bob Dylan & Rolling Thunder Revue Play ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’

On May 16, 1976 the Rolling Thunder Revue played the Tarrant County Convention Center Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here they perform “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”:

Plus here’s Dylan and Joan Baez singing “I Shall Be Released” at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, on Dec. 1, 1975:

I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Wild Mountain Thyme” with Joan Baez from the Dec. 2, 1875 show at the Maple Leaf Gardens:

Wild Mountain Thyme (trad.) by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

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