Video: Bob Dylan and The Hawks, Newcastle, 1966 – Complete ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

Dylan, Manchester, 1966.

This is the complete performance of “Like A Rolling Stone.” While it appears to be the Manchester Free Trade Hall show from May 17, 1966 because of the “Judas” quote, a fellow Dylan fan pointed out that the actual performance of the song is from the May 21, 1966 Newcastle concert.

Bob Dylan and most, but not all, of The Hawks, later The Band.

This was originally shot for “Eat the Document,” the never officially released documentary of Dylan’s 1966 tour of England. Later it showed up in “No Direction Home,” the documentary that Martin Scorsese put together for Dylan.

I’ve been listening to various unofficial and official audio of Dylan’s Europe tour shows beginning in the early ’70s and they never get old.


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9 thoughts on “Video: Bob Dylan and The Hawks, Newcastle, 1966 – Complete ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

  1. Stunning is the word. What a performance by Bob and the band. Wonderful is what you said and you got it reight. Many thanks.

  2. This is not the Manchester Free Trade Hall performance. It’s the opening “Judas” bit edited onto an entirely difference performance. His phrasing is completely different.

  3. In reality trying to describe this puts me in mind of the saying that goes something like “writing about art is like dancing about poetry” It is just amazing and if it comes from a different show than Manchester it doesn’t matter. It is indescribably wonderful

  4. Folks, the video (save for the first scene) comes from the May 21 Newcastle concert, one of the full performances included in the No Direction Home DVD. Why you would see the video from this night while listening to the audio from Manchester is beyond me.

      1. Thanks. Bob is wearing a grey then a black suit, so someone spliced the Judas scene from Manchester with the video from Newcastle, but kept the audio from Manchester. The audio from Newcastle is fabulous too, a bit quicker and more wild (it would have been nice for Sony to release this version in the CD rather then the Live 1966 performance already available). One question is does the full video for the Manchester performance exist?

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