Video: Bob Dylan Covers Beatle George Harrison’s ‘Something’ – Nov. 13, 2002

Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden, 2002.

Bob Dylan is in quite good voice as he covers the George Harrison-written Beatles classic, “Something,” at Madison Square Garden on November 13, 2002.

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1 thought on “Video: Bob Dylan Covers Beatle George Harrison’s ‘Something’ – Nov. 13, 2002

  1. Planning to get out just a little early, Corrito & I made our move from the floor after the 2nd encore. This was a tremendous show, in the sweet groove of the best of the NET. But wait, what’s this? A 3rd encore? We were at the top of the Garden, 15 seconds from the door. Bob is back and wants to explain…he and the boys couldn’t make it to the tribute for George concert the following week. We were such good buddies, he said, sorry they couldn’t make it. Wow. At the previous Garden show, he’d pulled out Yea, Heavy & A Bottle of Bread (!!) And now this…incredible.

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