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Days Of The Crazy-Wild is an Arts blog. Capital ‘A’ ’cause I’m using ‘Arts’ as an umbrella term to include music, literature, the visual arts, film and writing.

But this is also ground zero for my novel, True Love Scars, which I’m publishing in August. You’ll find the first chapter here, and the True Love Scars Soundtrck playlist here.

As for the blog, you’ll find posts here about the retro post-punk band Savages, and an art show with wonderful work by Chris Johanson and Margaret Kilgallen and others at the S.F. Art Institute, a new book on jazz legend Charlie Parker, a short video documentary on artist John Baldessari narrated by Tom Waits, as well as updates on challenges I face writing my second novel. And sometimes I’ll post something that strikes me as funny —  for instance, a post about Modern Farmer magazine interviewing The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle about goats.

And Bob Dylan. You’ll find a lot here that relates to Bob Dylan. Neil Young too. And Patti Smith.

You could look at this blog as a kind of Michael Goldberg culture filter. I scan the creative world looking for videos and song streams, news and reviews that I actually look at or listen to or read and think are worthy of sharing with you. So instead of spending your days searching the web for something interesting, you can leave it to me.

I have broad, eclectic and idiosyncratic tastes. You’re as likely to find a post about a cool new indie artist, as one about Bob Dylan or Jeff Tweedy or Kathleen Hanna. What I post here is the stuff that for me makes the world an interesting place. I hope my posts will help you get through your day.

I hope you dig what I’m doing here, and if you do, I hope that each time you come to Days Of The Crazy-Wild, you’ll click on the ‘like’ buttons, maybe share a choice post with your Facebook friends, basically help me get the word out. Also, you might consider plugging Days Of The Crazy-Wild into your RSS reader, or using the email subscription link at the right side of the blog near the top to sign up to get the posts emailed to you.


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