Audio: Bob Dylan Sings ‘Ranger’s Command,’ ‘Outlaw Blues,’ ‘Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache’ & More

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A selection of somewhat obscure tracks that are very cool.

“Ranger’s Command,” Gerdes Folk City, NYC, September 29, 1961:

Ranger's Command by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Going Going Gone” voice and guitar, from Planet Waves sessions:

Going Going Gone by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Outlaw Blues” voice and guitar, possibly from the January 13, 1965 studio session:

Outlaw Blues by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Mr. Tambourine Man” live, Royal Festival Hall, London, May 17, 1964:

Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache,” cool cover of the Willie Bea Thompson and Lilian May song that was recorded by Warren Smith among others and appears on the Good Rockin’ Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records compilation:

“Let’s Keep It Between Us,” San Francisco, Warfield Theater, 1980:

Let's Keep It Between Us (San Francisco, Nov. 16, 1980) by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

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5 thoughts on “Audio: Bob Dylan Sings ‘Ranger’s Command,’ ‘Outlaw Blues,’ ‘Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache’ & More

  1. Thank you for these, and many other wonderful tracks you have posted. Particularly enjoyed the beautiful “naked” Going, Going, Gone. My wife was at the 1964 Festival Hall concert so hear Mr Tambourine Man ten months before it was released. Bob stopped his cab when they waved at him after the show. He got out, had a chat and signed their programs. Probably wouldn’t happen today….

    1. That is amazing. I am 18 and I love Bob Dylan. Wish more people my age understood his genius. I am envious that you were able to grow up in that era.

      1. It was a very special time. But there’s great art being made right now by new artists. You just have to dig. They’re not Dylan, but in their own way they’re great. The novelist Elena Ferrante and director Paweł Pawlikowski (“Ida”) and the singer/songwriter Jolie Holland and Kim Gordon, and there are plenty more.

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