Yes! Bob Dylan’s ‘Shadows In The Night’ Charts at #1 in the UK

Bob Dylan’s 36th album, Shadows In The Night, has charted at #1 in the UK on Britain’s Official Charts Company (OCC) albums chart in its first week of release.

The album is also #1 on Sweden’s Sverigetopplistan album chart, and is currently #1 on the Amazon Pop and Rock charts.

I predicted yesterday that Shadows In The Night will chart this week at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart.

Shadows In The Night is, of course, Dylan’s superb album of songs written between 1920 and the early ’60s that were recorded by Frank Sinatra. It’s a beautiful album, recorded with Dylan’s touring band and a few horn players live in Capitol Studios Studio B where Frank Sinatra recorded many classic albums.

In England, Dylan’s last #1 album was 2009’s Together Through Life. Prior to that chart topper, it had been 36 years since Dylan hit #1 with New Morning in 1970.

Dylan has had eight #1 albums in the UK: In addition to Shadows In The Night, Together Through Life and New Morning, he scored with The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan in 1964, Bringing It All Back Home in 1965, John Wesley Harding in 1968, Nashville Skyline in 1969 and Self-Portrait in 1970.

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4 thoughts on “Yes! Bob Dylan’s ‘Shadows In The Night’ Charts at #1 in the UK

  1. Here in hollow Holland Dylan reached no. 2 behind our schlager artist Jan Smit, who is singing in Dutch in a very sentimental and easy going way, for me as if the birds will stop their chirping in stupour. We used to try and be international down here but with right wing Wilders as our biggest politician, nationalism and new liberalism (with freedom only for the rich) has taken over our free society of old. Still, it’s good that Dylan and some other good acts from our own country are charting high, not all hope is lost maybe…

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