Audio: Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Completes Pops Staples Posthumous Album, ‘Don’t Lose This – Listen Right Now

I got hip this excellent album from the late Roebuck “Pops” Staples over at the excellent Wax Atlas site the other day.

Given what a Staple Singers fan Bob Dylan is, I bet he’s digging into this one.

Now you can check it out too.

If you don’t know who the Staple Singers are, you might want to get the rundown over at Wikipedia.

Here’s a video on the making of the album, which Jeff Tweedy did some production and played on.

Here’s some info on this new record from the Anti- website:

The record, which was originally recorded and produced by Pops and daughter Mavis Staples in 1999, now boasts new production as well as bass and guitar by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and drums by Spencer Tweedy. Jeff previously collaborated with Mavis on her solo releases, One True Vine and the Grammy-winning You Are Not Alone. The album takes its title from the instruction Pops gave to Mavis as the two listened to the unfinished recording before his death: “Don’t lose this.”

The Chicago Tribune writes “Pops Staples was a musical visionary who played “gospel in a blues key,” as Duke Ellington once told him. His treble-soaked guitar is instantly recognizable as it appears to rise out of the Mississippi mist…” The NY Daily News adds, “the album’s triumph comes in highlighting both the plaintive quality in Pop’s voice and the wily, sexy, stalwart flick of his guitar.” The New York Times says of the record, “It’s done right: lean, un-slick and focused on Pops’s vividly recorded guitar and determined voice, still finding the unexpected pause and turn.”

Track listing:

1. Somebody Was Watching
2. Sweet Home
3. No News Is Good News
4. Love On My Side
5. Friendship
6. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
7. The Lady’s Letter
8. Better Home
9. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
10. Gotta Serve Somebody

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