Video: The Band’s Garth Hudson Returns to ‘Big Pink,’ Talks About Bob Dylan’s ‘Basement Tapes’ + Photos

Big Pink.

Rolling Stone brought Garth Hudson back to the Big Pink house where many of the Basement Tapes songs were recorded in 1967.

Garth Hudson in the basement.

It’s fantastic to see Garth at Big Pink. He shows us the room where Dylan would write songs and then takes the stairs down to the basement and we get to see where the music got made.

Plus Garth plays some solo piano in the basement.

Great eight minute mini-documentary.

More photos:

A tape used to record in the “Red Room” at Dylan’s house.
Garth outside the house.
According to Garth, Dylan would write at a desk in front of that big window, then bring song downstairs and they’d record it.
Garth says Dylan wrote at this desk on the main floor at Big Pink.
The basement.
Another shot of the basement.

Another tape box.

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