Van Morrison Heads Into The Mystic – July 29, 1974 – Video of ‘Gloria,’ ‘Moondance,’ ‘Snow In San Anselmo’ & More

These videos were shot at the long defunct club, the Orphanage, in San Francisco on July 29, 1974.

Van Morrison was in excellent form.

These are a delight.


Van Morrison – vocals, guitar, sax, harmonica
Dennis Langevin – guitar
Mario Cipollina – bass
John Farey – keyboards
Brian Hogan – tenor sax
Johnny Colla – alto sax
Bill Gibson – drums

Check these songs out:

1 Intro/ Heathrow Shuffle:

2 “Snow In Anselmo”:

3 “Ain’t Nothing You Can Do”:

4 “I Believe To My Soul”:

5 “Moondance” [09] 132

6 “Into the Mystic”:

7 “Foggy Mountain Top”:

8 “Misty”:

9 “He Ain’t Give You None”:

10 “Listen To The Lion”:

11 “Gloria”:

12 “I’ve Been Working”:

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