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Video: Neil Young at Dolby Theater to Obnoxious Fan, ‘F**K You!’ Plus ‘Heart of Gold’ & Many More

Photo via Zimbio.

Neil Young performed solo at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles last night March 30, 2014.

Thanks to a couple of fans, we can see and hear some of the show.

Over at Thrasher’s Wheat, some fans who saw the show were enthusiastic. However some fans at the show went overboard.

Blogger Rasputin1981 writes:

Great show .. Sadly still haven’t seen Thrasher .. Basically the same setlist except Blowin in the Wind instead of Thrasher, no harvest moon or flying on the ground and Reason to Believe instead of Are you ready for the country …

There was a complete ass who yelled for Cinnamon Girl after ever single song .. Just insane .. What’s wrong with these people? Neil finally couldn’t take it anymore and just screamed “fuck you” back. Everyone erupted in applause.

You can see Young scream “Fuck you” in this clip:

“Mellow My Mind”:



“A Man Needs A Maid”:

“Southern Man”:

“If You Could Read My Mind”:

“Heart Of Gold”:

“Heart Of Gold,” another view:

“Long May You Run”:

“Long May You Run” another view”:

Setlist (thanks to Sugar Mountain):

From Hank To Hendrix/ On The Way Home / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Love In Mind / Philadelphia / Mellow My Mind / Reason to Believe / Someday / Changes / Harvest / Old Man // Goin’ Back / A Man Needs A Maid / Ohio / Southern Man / Mr. Soul / If You Could Read My Mind / After The Gold Rush / Heart Of Gold // Blowin’ In The Wind / Long May You Run

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Video: Neil Young’s Final Night at Carnegie Hall — Jan. 10, 2014

Neil Young at Carnegie Hall, January 9, 2014. Photo via Jersey Nola.

Last night (January 10, 2014) Neil Young played the final night of his four-night run at Carnegie Hall.

The setlist is here.

(Also check my posts with videos from the January 6 show here, the January 7 show here) and the January 9 show here.

“On The Way Home”:

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart”:

“Mellow My Mind”:

“Mellow My Mind” (Another clip):

“Needle and the Damage Done”:

“Needle and the Damage Done” (another clip):

“Ohio” and “Southern Man”:

“Mr. Soul:”



“Goin’ Back”:

“Out Of My Mind” (partial):

“Heart Of Gold”:

“Journey Through the Past” (brief clip):

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