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Audio: 13th Floor Elevators Live in Austin, 1966 — Crazy, Man!

Dig this audio from a 13th Floor Elevators show in Austin, 1966. Playlist: Gloria, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Tried to Hide, Roller Coaster, You Really Got Me

And here’s another broadcast of a live show in Austin.

Here’s the info accompanying the YouTube video: March 1966 on KAZZ FM from the New Orleans Club in Austin. Playlist: The Word, Monkey Island, Roller Coaster, I’m Down, Gloria, You’re Gonna Miss Me. The band: Roky Erickson guitar/vocals, Stacy Sutherland guitar, John Ike Walton drums, Tommy Hall electric jug, Benny Thurman bass.

Thanks to Doom and Gloom from the Tomb for hipping me to these!

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Webcast: Atoms For Peace Live From Austin’s Moody Theater

Thom Yorke performing tonight (Oct. 13, 2012) at Moody’s Theater.

Not to be shut down by the weather, Atoms For Peace have taken over the Moody Theater in downtown Austin to perform tonight. Their set will be webcast beginning at 10 p.m. CT. The group were to have performed at Austin City Limits Music Festival but today’s entire lineup was cancelled because of the weather.

Watch here: