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Audio: 13th Floor Elevators Live in Austin, 1966 — Crazy, Man!

Dig this audio from a 13th Floor Elevators show in Austin, 1966. Playlist: Gloria, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Tried to Hide, Roller Coaster, You Really Got Me

And here’s another broadcast of a live show in Austin.

Here’s the info accompanying the YouTube video: March 1966 on KAZZ FM from the New Orleans Club in Austin. Playlist: The Word, Monkey Island, Roller Coaster, I’m Down, Gloria, You’re Gonna Miss Me. The band: Roky Erickson guitar/vocals, Stacy Sutherland guitar, John Ike Walton drums, Tommy Hall electric jug, Benny Thurman bass.

Thanks to Doom and Gloom from the Tomb for hipping me to these!

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