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Cover of Neil Young’s 2nd Memoir, ‘Special Deluxe – A Memoir of Life & Cars,’ Hits the Street

So you already know that Neil Young has written a second memoir, and that it’s being publishing this fall.

What you didn’t know, was what the cover was gonna look like, only now you do thanks to the folks at Thrasher’s Wheat, who posted this photo that, in turn, was first posted to Instagram by rockbookshow.

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News Update: Neil Young’s PonoMusic Kickstarter Campaign Rockets Past $2.8 Million

Patti Smith talks up PonoMusic’s sound.

For Neil Young, times are good. Very good.

He’s on a creative roll with amazing live concerts In New York and Canada, a new album, A Letter Home, in the bag, a second memoir, “Special Deluxe,” due out later this year and the money pouring in to fund PonoMusic.

As of about 10 p.m. PT today 8649 people had put $2,812,059 into the company.

Also, Young’s second big archives set is in the works and a source known as “Archives Guy” who claims to be involved in the project told Thrasher’s Wheat:

At this time we are still planning on physical release for NYA V2 and yes it will be available on Pono, too in full 24/192 sound quality. I’m happy to report that we are in full on production of NYA V2 right now. Maybe I’m biased, but I think V2 might be the best one. A plethora of previously unreleased tracks.

-– A Days of the Crazy-Wild blog post: sounds, visuals and/or news –