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Stooges’ Guitarist James Williamson’s ‘Re-Licked’ Comes Into Focus

Cover art by Trina Merry for the “Open Up and Bleed” single.

I’ve previously written about the album James Williamson, The Stooges’ guitarist best known for his contribution to the amazing 1973 Stooges’ album Raw Power, has been recording.

Williamson’s guitar work on Raw Power put him on the map, but I’ve also always loved his playing on the Iggy Pop solo album, New Values, and there are plenty of Stooges’ bootlegs that show off Williamson’s unique sound as well.

Now I’ve got more info about Re-Licked via Joel Gausten’s website.

The album will be comprised of songs Williamson and Iggy wrote but that were never officially released (or properly recorded).

Songs to be on the album include: “I Got A Right,” “Rubber Legs,” “She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills,” “Wild Love,” “Heavy Liquid” “Open Up And Bleed” and “Gimme Some Skin.”

Singles include: Jello Biafra, Mark Lanegan, Ariel Pink, Lisa Kekaula of The BellRays and Carolyn Wonderland, the Texas singer who is on the upcoming single, “Open Up And Bleed” b/w “Gimme Some Skin.”

The current touring version of The Stooges — bassist Mike Watt, saxophonist Steve Mackay and drummer Toby Dammit — play on the album along with Williamson of course.

So far the album has mostly been recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio in Northridge, CA.

Re-Licked will be released on Williamson’s Leopard Lady label.

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Watch: New Teaser Video from Stooges’ James Williamson – ‘Open Up and Bleed’

The Stooges’ James Williamson has a single due out on Record Store Day featuring remakes of two Stooges’ songs, “Open Up and Bleed” and “Gimmie Some Skin.”

There will be an album, Re-Licked, but there’s no release date yet. The album will feature a number of vocalists covering “obscure” Stooges’ songs. Playing on the album are the current touring version of The Stooges: Mike Watt, Steve Mackay and Toby Dammit.

For “Open Up and Bleed” Williamson has enlisted Texas blues singer Carolyn Wonderland.

It’s good.

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