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Audio: Brian Eno Curates Fela Vinyl Box Set #3 – Listen to Live ‘Colonial Mentality’ Right Now! Plus More

Brian Eno, who curates the new Fela Anikulakpo Kuti box set, says Fela’s music changed his life:

“Before about mid-September 1973 I didn’t have much interest in polyrhythmic music. I didn’t really get it. That all changed one autumn day when I walked into Stern’s Record Shop off Tottenham Court Road. For reasons I’ve long forgotten, I left the store with an album that was to change my life dramatically. It was Afrodisiac by Fela Ransome-Kuti (as he was then known) and his band The Africa 70. I remember the first time I listened and how dazzled I was by the groove and the rhythmic complexity, and by the raw, harsh sounds of the brass, like Mack trucks hurtling across highways with their horns blaring. Everything I thought I knew about music at that point was up in the air again. The sheer force and drive of this wild Nigerian stuff blew my mind. My friend Robert Wyatt called it ‘Jazz from another planet’ – and suddenly I thought I understood the point of jazz, until then an almost alien music to me.”

Fela has been called the “Bob Dylan of Africa.”

Maybe his music will change your life too!

Check out this live version of the late African musical legend’s “Colonial Mentality,” recorded at the New Afrika Shine in Fela’s hometown of Lagos. The track features Femi Kuti on sax.

Below is a player loaded with an interview with Alex Gibney who directed the new film “Finding Fela,” the live recording of “Colonial Mentality,” “Lover,” “Power Show” and “Zombie” from FELA! Original Broadway Cast.

The title track off the Fela album Zombie:

“Mr. Follow Follow” off the Fela album Zombie:

Fela Kuti Live in Berlin – Berliner Jazztage 1978:

Listen to more here.

Info about the film “Finding Fela” here.

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Free App: Brian Eno & Karl Hyde Debut Psychedelic App

If you need a distraction, down load the new app from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde, who have a new album out, Someday World.

If you have a vinyl copy of the album, after you download the app and launch it, you aim the camera lens of your iPhone or iPad at the spinning vinyl and on your screen many modern psychedelic images appear.

If you don’t have the vinyl, doesn’t matter. You can go here and aim your camera at virtual vinyl on your computer screen.

Get into here.

Meanwhile listen to The “Satellites” off Someday World.

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Audio: Stream New Brian Eno/Karl Hyde Album, ‘Someday World’

New album due from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde, Someday World, will be released on May 6, 2014.

Right now you can give it a listen here.

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Video: David Byrne Joins Jherek Bischoff for ‘Strange Overtones,’ ‘The Fat Man’s Comin’’ & ‘And She Was’

Photo via Fact magazine.

Wednesday night David Byrne joined composer Jherek Bischoff at New York’s St. Ann’s Warehouse to perform his Brian Eno collaboration “Strange Overtones,” a collaboration with Bischoff called “The Fat Man’s Comin’,” and a the Talking Heads song “And She Was.”

Check out these fan-shot videos of those three songs:

“Strange Overtones”:

“The Fat Man’s Comin’”:

“And She Was”:

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Listen: Damon Albarn, Songhoy Blues, Brian Eno, Nick Zinner Make New Africa Express Album

Nick Zinner with Songhoy Blues via Africa Express.

A trip to Mali by a bunch of Western musicians including Damon Albarn, Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner and Brian Eno has resulted in Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes.

For a week in October the Africa Express musicians and producers set up a studio at a city youth club and collaborated with a new wave of contemporary Malian musicians. The album was completed in one week. It will be released digitally on Dec. 9, 2013.

Read all about it here:

Listen to this awesome recording by Songhoy Blues and Nick Zinner perform “Soubar.”