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Free App: Brian Eno & Karl Hyde Debut Psychedelic App

If you need a distraction, down load the new app from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde, who have a new album out, Someday World.

If you have a vinyl copy of the album, after you download the app and launch it, you aim the camera lens of your iPhone or iPad at the spinning vinyl and on your screen many modern psychedelic images appear.

If you don’t have the vinyl, doesn’t matter. You can go here and aim your camera at virtual vinyl on your computer screen.

Get into here.

Meanwhile listen to The “Satellites” off Someday World.

[In August of this year I’ll be publishing my rock ‘n’ roll/ coming-of-age novel, “True Love Scars,” which features a narrator who is obsessed with Bob Dylan. To read the first chapter, head here.]

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