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Audio: Classic First Two Big Star Albums To Be Rereleased – Both Have Been Remastered

The great indie power-pop combo, Big Star, made two classic albums in the early ’70s: #1 Record and Radio City.
An incredible third album, Third/Sister Lovers was also recorded but that was basically an Alex Chilton solo record.

The first two albums have been major influential — R.E.M. were just one of numerous bands that fell under the sway of Big Star.

Now the first two albums have been remastered and after many years as a twofer, will be available as single CDs.

The new discs include liner notes by R.E.M.’s Mike Mills.

Says Mills says Big Star was “a band who had gotten it right, who made records that sounded like rock and roll bands should sound. A band who wrote all the songs, from flat-out rockers to achingly beautiful ballads that were still somehow rock songs.”

Mills told Rolling Stone: “Songwriting has always been, for me, the most vital gauge of a band’s quality, and these guys were clearly masters. Big Star gave you something satisfying to listen to, no matter how many times you heard them.”

The timing is right for the reissues. Holly George-Warren’s superb bio of Alex Chilton, A Man Called Destruction, was published earlier this year. A solid documentary on the band, “Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me,” was released in 2012. A four-CD box, Keep An Eye On The Skyline, was released in 2009, and a soundtrack to the documentary, Nothing Can Hurt Me, was released in 2013.

Here are some quotes from artists who were either in a later version of Big Star or knew Alex Chilton. These quotes were part of a press release sent out today.

Artists talk about the influence of Big Star:

“To me, the power and purity of #1 Record and Radio City are undeniable. From the first moment we heard these records we felt compelled to spread the word about them as far and wide as possible. The fact that we eventually became a part of keeping this music alive by performing with the reformed Big Star still fills me with a sense of pride, that this music is constantly being rediscovered and more known with every passing year. There’s a reason for that: it deserves it.” —Jon Auer of the Posies, who doubled as a member of Big Star with Chilton, performer on Big Star’sThird shows.

“For me, Big Star’s music is not only superb listening, it’s a litmus test for the human spirit. That this music’s appeal and notoriety has grown over the years is certainly related to its undeniably high level of quality; yet … it almost didn’t get heard. And here’s where it gets interesting. The fact you are listening to this now is due to the actions of a kind of underground railroad of listeners who just wouldn’t take the music industry’s incompetence as the final say on this music. It had to be shared, painstakingly copied to cassette, passed on with love. And by this hand-to-hand action, Big Star was elevated into the canon. Barely. Enjoy.” —Ken Stringfellow, The Posies and 17-year member of Big Star, performer on Big Star’s Third shows.

“Big Star’s records as instantly changing the landscape, redefining with every listen what it could mean to be a Southern rock musician. They were like beacons in the distance, beckoning, pulling us all in, one by one. . . . At a time when rock music was for the most part all bluster and lies, they shocked by trying to be straightforward, honest, and truthful.” — Chris Stamey of The dB’s, who produced some Chilton recordings in the ‘70s and has performed in the Third shows

“The one-two punch of #1 Record and Radio City knocked me out as an impressionable Southern teen musician in the 1970s, and it still does. Much as I love Big Star’s 3rd, it really was the first two albums’ sheen and shimmer that confirmed in me that there might be a melodic pop-rock world for me and my guitar-playing friends to inhabit in my future.” — Peter Holsapple of The dB’s

Listen to Radio City:

And if you haven’t heard it, check out the NOT-REMASTERED version of #1 Record:

Album Track Listings:

#1 Record

1. Feel 3:34
2. The Ballad of El Goodo 4:21
3. In the Street 2:55
4. Thirteen 2:34
5. Don’t Lie to Me 3:07
6. The India Song 2:20
7. When My Baby’s Beside Me 3:23
8. My Life Is Right 3:08
9. Give Me Another Chance 3:27
10. Try Again 3:31
11. Watch the Sunrise 3:45
12. ST100/6 0:57

Radio City

1. O My Soul 5:40
2. Life Is White 3:19
3. Way Out West 2:50
4. What’s Going Ahn 2:40
5. You Get What You Deserve 3:08
6. Mod Lang 2:45
7. Back of a Car 2:46
8. Daisy Glaze 3:49
9. She’s a Mover 3:12
10. September Gurls 2:49
11. Morpha Too 1:28
12. I’m in Love With a Girl 1:48

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Audio: Led Zeppelin ‘Whole Lotta Love’ Alternate Take – Listen Now!

In June new expanded versions of the first three Led Zeppelin albums will be released.

To get us excited, a few of the alternate takes and live versions that will be on the albums have been made available.

Here’s a version of “Whole Lotta Love” quite different from what made it onto the album

Here are live versions of “Good Times, Bad Times” and “Communication Breakdown” recorded live in Paris in 1969.

[In August of this year I’ll be publishing my rock ‘n’ roll/ coming-of-age novel, “True Love Scars,” which features a narrator who is obsessed with Bob Dylan. To read the first chapter, head here.]

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Audio: Listen to Roy Orbison’s Demo for Elvis Costello’s ‘The Comedians’

On May 19, 2014 Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl will be reissued with a bunch of additional tracks.

Helping Orbison out on the album were U2’s Bono and Edge, George Harrison, Brian Eno, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Elvis Costello, T Bone Burnett and Mike Campbell.

In addition to the tracks on the original album, there are nine additional recordings — all demos except for the previously unreleased “The Way Is Love.”

Here’s the demo Orbison cut for Elvis Costello’s brilliant “The Comedians.”

Thanks USA Today!

[In August of this year I’ll be publishing my rock ‘n’ roll/ coming-of-age novel, “True Love Scars,” which features a narrator who is obsessed with Bob Dylan. To read the first chapter, head here.]

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Audio: Joy Divison’s ‘An Ideal For Living’ EP to be Officially Released for First Time

Joy Division’s “An Ideal For Living” EP will be officially released for the first time on Record Store Day, APril 19, 2014, the NME reports.

The EP, recorded in 1978 not long after the group changed its name from Warsaw, was previously only available as a bootleg.

On Joy Division’s Facebook page:

Joy Division’s debut release An Ideal For Living has been re-imagined for Record Store Day 2014.

With beautiful new artwork and a new master, cut at Abbey Road in January 2014 by the band’s long-standing engineer and vinyl specialist Frank Arkwright.

The sleeve pays homage to the ‘Scaffolding’ release of this classic Joy Division record.

Limited edition but not numbered.

Listen below:

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Audio: Stream Live Version of Merle Haggard’s ‘I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am’

Photo via Merle Haggard’s Facebook page.

I never cared for Merle Haggard’s politics, but he’s made some great music.

Here’s a track off the live album, The Fightin’ Side of Me, which is being re-released after many years of being out of print.

Check out “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am.”

Thanks Rolling Stone!

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Audio: Neil Young To Reissue ‘Time Fades Away’ On Record Store Day

Neil Young greatly dislikes his 1973 live recording, Time Fades Away.

During a 1987 interview with Dave Ferrin Young said:

My least favorite record is Time Fades Away. I think it’s the worst record I ever made—but as a documentary of what was happening to me, it was a great record. I was onstage and I was playing all these songs that nobody had heard before, recording them, and I didn’t have the right band. It was just an uncomfortable tour. It was supposed to be this big deal—I just had Harvest out, and they booked me into ninety cities. I felt like a product, and I had this band of all-star musicians that couldn’t even look at each other. It was a total joke.

So when Young’s albums started being reissued on CD, there was one that just didn’t get released.

Yep, Time Fades Away.

The album was mostly cut at a number of venues while Young toured the U. S. following the huge success of Harvest.

I saw several of shows during that tour and I thought the music was incredible. And I’ve always liked the album.

Now, finally, it’s being reissued.

The reissue will be remastered from the original analog studio recordings and pressed on 180-gram black vinyl.Problem is, it won’t be available as a stand-alone release. It’s being packaged in the Official Release Series Discs 5-8 Vinyl Box Set, which also includes On the Beach, Tonight’s the Night, and Zuma. Only 3,500 boxes will be released.

A Warner Bros. publicist told Pitchfork that there won’t be a wider reissue of the album until the second volume of the Archives box sets are released—no word on when that will be.

Young toured with the Stray Gators when the album was recorded: Tim Drummond, Johnny Barbata, Jack Nitzsche, and Ben Keith.

Check it out:

“Time Fades Away”:

“Journey Through The Past”:

“Yonder Stands the Sinner”:


“Love In Mind”:

“Don’t Be Denied”:

“The Bridge”:

“Last Dance”:

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Audio: Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan Records Acoustic ‘Watery Hands’

Next Tuesday Superchunk’s out-of-print 1997 album Indoor Living will be reissued.

For the occasion Mac McCaughan recorded an acoustic version of “Watery Hands”:

Here’s the original video for “Watery Hands” with Janeane Garofalo & David Cross:

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