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Video: Veruca Salt Perform ‘Seether’ on ‘Conan’; First Performance in 18 Years

Nina Gordon and Louise Post.

Last night Veruca Salt made their comeback appearance on ‘Conan’ performing their indie hit of 1994, “Seether.”

Check it out.

Even better news than a great reprieve of “Seether” all these years later is one of their new songs, “The Museum Of Broken Relationships,” produced by Brad Wood.

If you haven’t seen the video, what are you waiting for?

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Veruca Salt To Release Two New Brad Wood-Produced Songs on Record Store Day

The original Veruca Salt — Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack and Jim Shapiro — are back together, as I reported last December, and have recorded two new songs, “The Museum of Broken Relationships” and “It’s Holy,” with their original producer, Brad Wood.

“It’s been great working with VS again – literally 20 years after our first time in the studio,” Wood told me today. “The new songs are unabashed rockers and I think the fun they are having is evident in the mixes. Seriously good fun and cathartic, too.”

On his Facebook page Wood posted: “The return of VS… Start camping out at your favorite record store because this is happening on Record Store Day, April 19th. The Bitch is Back.”

The new songs will be on a three-song 10″ to be released by their original label, Minty Fresh, along with the group’s original hit, “Seether,” Pitchfork reports.

The band’s website is “under contruction.”

Watch the original video for “Seether” and remember how good Veruca Salt were:

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