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Listen: Wild Beasts Cover Leonard Cohen’s ‘ ‘Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’

Wild Beast’s FACT mix includes a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.”

Here’s the mix info:

John Tavener: The Lamb
Wild Beasts: Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen cover)
Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd: Why do you Love me
Siegfried Sasson: The Dug Out, Everyone Sang
Haddaway: What is Love
The Blue Nile: Over the Hillside
Lil B: Flowers Rise (instrumental)
The Books: Be Good to Them Always
Burzum: Tour Around the Transcendental Columns of Singularity
Shirley Collins: Brigg Fair
Allan Holdsworth: Tokyo Dream (live)
Oneohtrix Point Never: Child Soldier
Kate Bush: Sexual Healing (phone recording)
Talk Talk: I Believe In You
Cocteau Twins: Cherry-Coloured Funk

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