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Audio: Listen to Bob Dylan’s ‘Lo and Behold!’ Off ‘Complete Basement Tapes’

A rare March 1967 photo of Rick Danko and Bob Dylan taken prior to the ‘Basement Tapes’ sessions. It’s unknown where the photo was taken, but it’s not from the actual sessions. Photo courtesy Arie de Reus.

Today we’ve got another track off the much-anticipated The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11, set for a November 4, 2014 release.

As you can hear if you listen to this one and the previously released “Odds & Ends,” the sound quality is much better than on the bootlegs we’ve lived with for so many years.

I’ve been listening as well to a streaming sampler of tracks off the 6-CD set and they really sound excellent.

When you consider that Dylan and The Band made more than 138 recordings of originals and covers during the summer of 1967, it’s mindblowing. I haven’t heard everything yet, but between the sampler and the bootleg recordings, I believe the official set will stand as one of the peaks of Bob Dylan’s recording career.

For now, enjoy “Lo and Behold!,” and while you’re at it, give “Odds & Ends” another listen.

“Lo and Behold!”:

“Odds & Ends”:

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