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Upcoming Neil Young Album to be Titled ‘A Letter Home,’ Due in March

Photo via Neil Young’s Facebook page.

Neil Young’s next album will be called A Letter Home, and will be released in March, according to Rolling Stone’s Gavin Edwards.

Last week I reported that Young and Jack White recorded an album together, according to a source associated with the project, and I stand by that report. I didn’t say in my post anything about the two “doing a record of duets,” which was denied this morning on Neil Young’s Facebook page.

I also wrote in my post last week: “In December 2013, the Neil Young website Thrasher’s Wheat had these quotes from a source: ‘It is an album of covers. In it, as anticipated, he pays tribute to other renowned singer-songwriters. There are 12 tracks on it. There are no Neil Young originals…'”

Again, nothing about any duets.

As Consequence Of Sound wrote today:

This morning, though, Young’s Facebook page dismissed these “false rumors,” writing, “Neil Young and Jack White are not doing a record of duets as has been erroneously posted on various outlets. We are certain those rumours have no basis in truth.”

Now, if you’d allow me to pick apart that statement for a moment. Journalist Michael Goldberg’s initial report never mentioned a duet album. I think most people just assumed White had been recruited to produce the project, and that statement doesn’t indicate otherwise.

And here’s an interesting theory for you to chew on: Speaking with Rolling Stone, Young said the album is “one of the lowest-tech experiences I’ve ever had,” but didn’t elaborate beyond that. Could it be that Young recorded the entire project inside White’s Third Man Recording Booth? If you recall, Young recorded a cover of Bert Jansch’s “Needle of Death” inside the booth during Record Store Day 2013.

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