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Audio/ Video: Listen To Bob Dylan’s 2001 LP “Love And Theft” As Performed Live

On September 11, 2001, 13 years ago, Bob Dylan released “Love And Theft,” his 31st studio album.

The album followed the acclaimed Daniel Lanois/ Dylan produced Time Out Of Mind, and established that Dylan was back in the saddle, writing new, amazing songs and making tremendously good albums. After it came Modern Times, which some critics looked at as the third of a trilogy of superb albums.

Dylan sees it differently, at least he did when he spoke to Jonathan Lethem in 2006.

Time Out of Mind was me getting back in and fighting my way out of the corner. But by the time I made “Love And Theft,” I was out of the corner. On this record, I ain’t nowhere, you can’t find me anywhere, because I’m way gone from the corner. I would think more of “Love And Theft” as the beginning of a trilogy, if there’s going to be a trilogy. If I decide I want to go back into the studio.

It turns out that Dylan has performed every song on the album life.

Here is a live version of the album I put together.


“Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum,” Byron Bay Bluesfest, AUstralia, April 26, 2011:

“Mississippi,” 2002:

“Summer Days,” Limani, Thessaloniki Harbour, Greece, June 22, 2014

“Bye And Bye,” Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO, October 28, 2002:

Bye and Bye by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Lonesome Day Blues,” The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia, August 27, 2014:

“Floater (Too Much To Ask),” The Point Theater, Dublin, November 26, 2005:

Floater (Too Much To Ask) by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“High Water (For Charlie Patton),” The 02, Dublin, Ireland, June 17, 2014 :

“Moonlight,” US Cellular Arena, Milwaukee, WI, October 28, 2001:

moonlight by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Honest With Me,” Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, October 8, 2011:

“Po’ Boy” Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, NC, July 28, 2009:

Po' Boy by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

“Cry A While,” Kirjurinluoto, Pori Jazz Festival, Pori, Finland, July 17, 2014:

“Sugar Baby,” Brighton Centre, Brighton, England, May 4, 2002:

One more version of “Suger Baby,” Edgefield, Troutdale, OR, August 29, 2010:

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Audio: Bob Dylan’s ‘Source Material,’ or How to Write a Song with an Old Melody

Bob Dylan borrowed a melody and a guitar riff from Memphis Minnie.

It’s not news that Bob Dylan, like many blues and folk (and rock) musicians, based some of his songs on older songs.

But I thought it would be fun to compare the songs Dylan borrowed from, to the songs he wrote.

Below you’ll find the inspiration, followed by Dylan’s version.

I have no problem with Dylan’s approach. Because even when the melodies are the same, what Dylan does with those melodies is amazing.

When you compare, say, “Obviously Five Believers” to Memphis Minnie’s “Me and My Chauffeur Blues” you’ll see what I mean.


Johnny & Jack, “Uncle John’s Bongos”:

“Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Dumb & Dumber)”:

Muddy Waters, “Rollin’ and Tumblin'”:

“Rollin’ and Tumblin'”:

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Memphis Minnie, “Me and My Chauffeur Blues”:

Me and My Chauffeur Blues by Memphis Minnie on Grooveshark

“Obviously Five Believers”:

Obviously Five Believers by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Jean Ritchie, “Nottamun Town”:

Nottamun Town by Jean Ritchie on Grooveshark

“Masters of War”:

Dominic Behan, “The Patriot Game”:

“With God On Our Side”:

The Bently Boys, “Down On Penny’s Farm”:

“Hard Times in New York”:

Also “Maggie’s Farm”:

Maggie's Farm by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

The Chad Mitchell Singers, “The Banks of Sicily” (Dylan heard the song performed by Hamish Henderson):

The Banks of Sicily by The Chad Mitchell Trio on Grooveshark

“The Times They Are A-Changin'”

Joan Baez, “Mary Hamilton”:

“The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol”:

Ewan MacColl, “Lord Randall”:

“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”:

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