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Audio: R.I.P. Dept.- Soul Great Bobby Womack Dead at 70 – Hear Some of His Hits

Photo via Bobby Womack’s Facebook page. Photo by Jamie-James Medina.

Soul man Bobby Womack, whose numerous R&B hits included “Lookin’ For A Love,” “That’s The Way I Feel About Cha,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It” and “If You Think You’re Lonely Now,” died today according to the artist’s label, XL Records.

The cause of death has not been revealed, but Womack had been suffering from colon cancer and diabetes.

In 1964 Womack and his brothers, recording as The Valentinos, released a song Womack had written, “It’s All Over Now.” A month later the Rolling Stones released their version, which became a #1 hit on the UK sales charts and introduced the singer’s song to a generation of white teens, including me.

I loved “It’s All Over Now,” though it was years before I noticed that the songwriter was Bobby Womack.

I interviewed Womack in 1984 at his home in the Hollywood Hills for Rolling Stone when he was in the midst of one of many comebacks — this one had started with 1981’s The Poet.

At the time we talked, Womack had another hit album,The Poet II. 

I asked Womack what his reaction was back in 1964 when he first learned that the Rolling Stones had a hit in England with his song.

“Tell them to get their own fucking song!,” he said. “I never was happy about that until I saw a check.”

Womack became friends with Ron Wood of the Stones, and played on several of Wood’s solo albums.

When he learned of Womack’s death, Ron Wood Tweeted:

“I’m so sad to hear about my friend Bobby Womack ~ the man who could make you cry when he sang has brought tears to my eyes with his passing.”

Womack had problems with drugs — in particular, cocaine. “The biggest downfall for any entertainer is drugs,” Womack said. “I ain’t saying I was totally out there, but I had my share.

During that interview he said he’d been clean for six months and told me he was excited to be touring with a hit album.

“I don’t know about everyone else, but I want to live,” he told me. “I have two sons. I have a beautiful wife. And music, the gift that God gave me, means more to me today than it’s ever meant.”

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“If You Think You’re Lonely Now”:

“Woman’s Gotta Have It”:

“Across 110th Street”:

“Across 110th street” live, 1973, on Soul Train:

The Valentinos, “Lookin’ For A Love”:

Bobby Womack, “Lookin’ For A Love” (remake):

The Valentinos, ‘It’s All Over Now:

The Rolling Stones, “It’s All Over Now”:

“The Bravest Man In The Universe” (from Womack’s 2012 album for XL):

“Please Forgive My Heart” (from Womack’s 2012 album for XL):

Bobby Womack at Glastonbury 2013:

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