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Watch: Jeff Tweedy Lowballs it in Seattle — “Don’t expect this to be good”

Jeff Tweedy performed solo Sunday night at The Moore Theater in Seattle.

Lucky for us a fan, John L., shot video of nine songs.

After flubbing a chord eight songs into the set, Tweedy says to the audience:

I probably made that same mistake 100 times with the band and no one would ever know. ‘Cause it all sounds like the wrong chords when you’re by yourself. I’m sorry, it’s the best I can do. There’s going to be a lot of that. Just so you know. Don’t expect this to be good. That’s all I’m saying.”

He was wrong of course. It’s very good.

Check out the set list here.

Jeff Tweedy “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”:

Jeff Tweedy “Kamera”:

Jeff Tweedy “The Ruling Class”:

Jeff Tweedy “At Least That’s What You Said”:

Jeff Tweedy “Please Tell My Brother”:

Jeff Tweedy “Jesus, Etc.”:

Jeff Tweedy “Pecan Pie”:

Jeff Tweedy “Laminated Cat (aka Not for the Season)”:

Jeff Tweedy “Dreamer in My Dreams”:

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