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Audio: Joanna Gruesome ‘Peanut Butter’ Tease – Two New Songs

The Welsh pop-punk combo Joanna Gruesome won me over with their inspiring 2013 debut, Weird Sister.

Their second album, Peanut Butter, is due June 2, 2015.

Check out two tracks from the album:

“Honestly Do Yr Worst”:

“Last Year”:

Peanut Butter tracklist:

01 “Last Year”
02 “Jamie (Luvver)”
03 “Honestly Do Yr Worst”
04 “There Is No Function Stacy”
05 “Crayon”
06 “I Don’t Wanna Relax”
07 “Jerome (Liar)”
08 “Separate Bedrooms”
09 “Psykick Espionage”
10 “Hey! I Wanna Be Yr Best Friend”

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Audio: Joanna Gruesome Do Galaxie 500’s ‘Tugboat’

Singer Alanna McArdle.

I love this British band, Joanna Gruesome.

Although Joanna Gruesome pulled an unofficial video directed by their drummer, David Sanford, for “Tugboat” that Pitchfork briefly posted earlier today, I thought you might dig hearing the song, which is the flip of the group’s single, “Sugarcrush.”

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Listen: Joanna Gruesome Cover Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat”

I like Cardiff-based Joanna Gruesome a lot. Their debut album, Weird Sister, is great. Here’s a cover of Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat,” the flip of their single, “Sugarcrush.”

Stream Joanna Gruesome’s Weird Sister Now!

Cover of the Weird Sister album.
Cover of the Weird Sister album.

Sounding like a throwback to the post-punk days of the early ’80s, only with some Heavenly thrown in, Joanna Gruesome call their sound noisepop, which is fine by me.

Listen to the entire album over at Pitchfork.

The group comes from Cardiff, England. The five members are Alanna McArdle on vocals, Owen on guitar, Max on bass, George on guitar and Dave on drums. I haven’t been able to track down the guys’ last names.

Here’s a slow one called “Satan”:

And riot grrrl-style:

And this version of “Candy” from 2012: