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Listen: Rare Uncle Tupelo Demo, ‘This Year’

Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression will be released as a two-disc, remastered set on January 28, 2014.

Meanwhile check out his rare track off it:

“This Year”:

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Listen: Unreleased 1991 Demo of Bottle Rockets’ “Indianapolis” with Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar

Here’s a cool demo that the Bottle Rockets recorded in 1991. Features Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar on background vocals.

By the way, Bloodshot Records has reissued the Bottle Rockets first two out-of-print albums, The Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side, as part of a a two-disc set that includes 19 additional unreleased bonus tracks. The album was released today, November 19, 2013.

Listen: Rare Uncle Tupelo Demo, “I Got Drunk”

The earliest recordings made by the alt-country band Uncle Tupelo will be part of a two-CD set, No Depression: Legacy Edition, that will include the No Depression album along with lots of rare or previously unreleased material, according to Rolling Stone. The album will be released January 28 on Sony Legacy.

Listen to “I Got Drunk,” which was recorded in 1989 with producer Matt Allison. The members of Uncle Tupelo at the time of the recording were Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn.