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Audio: Listen to Guided By Voice’s New ‘Table at Fool’s Tooth’

Coming May 19 is a new Guided By Voice’s album, Cool Planet.

Here’s another track off it, “Table at Fool’s Tooth”:

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Video: Guided By Voices Deliver New Song, ‘Planet Score’

New Guided By Voices’ song, “Planet Score,” off the upcoming Motivational Jumpsuit (out Feb. 18, 2014).

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Listen: Guided By Voices Short Sweet “The Littlest League”

A new Guided By Voices album, Motivational Jumpsuit, will be out February 18, 2014 of Fire Records.

Here’s a taste:

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Listen: Gorgeous Power-Pop From GBV’s Robert Pollard

Cover art for Pollard's latest single, "Tonight's The Rodeo"
Cover art for Pollard’s latest single, “Tonight’s The Rodeo”

The ever prolific Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard continues his life project to record and release the most music. Lucky us ’cause the A-side of his new single, “Tonight’s The Rodeo,” is wonderful. Slightly less than two minutes of pure power-pop.

For the complete update on all Pollard’s projects, including a new Guided By Voices album titled Motivational Jumpsuit due in late February 2014, head over to the ever informative Stereogum.

And here’s another cool Pollard track: