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Bob Dylan Mapped — Tangier, Oxford Town, Cripple Creek & Everywhere Else Dylan’s Sung About — Plus Rolling Thunder Version of ‘If You See Her Say Hello’

Last year, for Bob Dylan’s birthday, Slate posted a map of every place Dylan has mentioned in a song.

From Oxford Town to Tangier, Morroco, from Cripple Creek in the Rocky Mountains to Acapulco, Mexico, they’re all on the map.

And guess what? The map lives!

It’s alive an well over at The Slate site.

So if you haven’t spent time with the map before, or even you have, there’s no time like now.

And while you’re checking it out here, why not listen to Dylan and The Band sing one of my favorite Basement Tapes songs, ‘Goin’ To Acaplulco.”

Goin To Acapulco – Bob Dylan from Paul Gonz on Vimeo.

Plus an incredible version of “If You See Her Say Hello” from the Rolling Thunder Review:

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