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Video: Bob Dylan & John Lennon Have a Very Stoned Conversation About Mama Cass, Barry McGuire & Johnny Cash – 1966

Bob Dylan and John Lennon, very stoned, talking in the back of a cab in 1966. What’s amazing about this is that here we’ve got two of the greatest rock music minds of the 20th century and what should be a momentous occasion is, well, not much different than any two guys, stoned, talking about nothing.

This is from Dylan’s film, “Eat the Document.”

This version is tinted blue.

This version is just audio but it goes on for almost three more minutes.

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Listen: Rare Bob Dylan Recording: “I Can’t Leave Her Behind/ On A Rainy Afternoon”

When Bob Dylan and the Hawks toured the UK in 1966, Dylan worked on this song in a hotel room with Robbie Robertson. Some of that is in the D.A. Pennebaker film, Eat the Document.

It’s really a beautiful song. Enjoy.

Here’s some video footage of the same song:

And here are the chords and lyrics.

Watch: Bob Dylan’s ‘Eat The Document’

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“Eat The Document” is the color documentary Bob Dylan hired D.A. Pennebaker (who also made the black and white Dylan documentary “Don’t Look Back”) to shoot of the artist’s 1966 tour of the United Kingdom.

Dylan was backed by The Hawks, who in a few years would rename themselves The Band. This arty film includes a bit with a very stoned Dylan and not-quite-so-stoned John Lennon joking in the back seat of a car.

Of more lasting interest are Dylan and Robbie Robertson in a hotel room developing a beautiful song, never released, “I Can’t Leave Her Behind,” which Stephen Malkmus covered for the “I’m Not There” soundtrack. There’s also a cool scene of Dylan and Johnny Cash dueting on “I Still Miss Someone.” And great live footage of Dylan and The Hawks.