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Audio: Bob Dylan Sings Blind Willie McTell’s ‘Delia’ Live + More

Blind Willie McTell.

Bob Dylan is a fan of the late bluesman, Blind Willie McTell. We’ve all heard the song Dylan wrote about McTell.

Today I’ve got the official version of McTell’s “Delia,” as sung by Dylan on World Gone Wrong, and a live version too from 1992.

“Delia” is an incredible song, and the way Dylan sings in on “World Gone Wrong” is heartbreaking.

I’ve also included a beautiful version of “Delia” performed by Jolie Holland, who also happens to be a huge Dylan fan. I executive-produced this video when I was Editor in Chief of MOG.

And I’ve got two versions of “Delia” by McTell himself.

Bob Dylan, “Delia,” off World Gone Wrong:

Della by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Bob Dylan, “Delia” Sydney, April 15th 1992:

Delia by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Jolie Holland, “Delia,” live in her New York apartment:

Blind Willie McTell, “Delia” early version:

Blind Willie McTell, “Delia” 1949 version:

Finally, Bob Dylan’s own composition, “Blind Willie McTell”:

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Watch: Jolie Holland Sing “Mexico City” & “Delia”

When I was Editor in Chief at MOG I executive produced these videos of Jolie Holland performing “Mexico City” and “Delia.”

“Mexico City” is one of Holland’s own compositions, and the studio version appears on her album, The Living And The Dead. “Delia” is a Blind Willie McTell song that Bob Dylan also covered. Jolie’s studio version appeared as the B-side of a single released in Europe. Both are favorites of mine.

Jolie Holland has the most soulful voice. She doesn’t sound like anyone but herself. There’s so much depth, so much emotion.