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Source For Banksy’s “Concrete Confessional” Revealed

banksy  overlay
Original photo taken in the ’50s overlaid with Banksy’s “Concrete Confessional.

Check this out. On the Animal blog, we learn:

Antigrav appears to have tracked down the source image for this stencil [“Concrete Confessioinal”].

“Concrete Confessional” by Banksy.

The [black and white] photo was shot by famed lensman Berni Schoenfield in the 1950s and was posted as the “Photograph of the Day” by The Telegraph in 2009. According to the paper, it depicts a Jesuit priest at the Martyr’s Shrine in Ontario:

Taken in 1955, near Midland in Ontario, this photograph shows a Jesuit priest hearing confession at a site commemorating the first missionaries in Huron county. They arrived in 1626 intending to convert the Iriquois but were martyred ten years later.