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Listen to Cat Power Sing ‘Wish I Was Here’ Title Song Right Now

Cat Power sings the title track for Zach Braff’s new film, “Wish I Was Here.”

NPR has the story of how the song came together:

Here’s how it was made: Zach Braff, the creator of the film Wish I Was Here, gave an early version of the film to Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Braff told us via email that Martin got the band together to work on the song. “Chris had the idea that it would be sung by a woman. I thought that was a genius idea, because one of the things the film is about is a strong woman (Kate Hudson’s character) becoming the matriarch of her family. When Chris and I were talking, we both kind of simultaneously said, ‘Cat Power.’ I reached out to Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) and she and I met and really clicked. I set her up to watch the film in her apartment. The whole time she was watching she kept texting me all the different parts she was loving. She said yes the instant it was over.”

Read more and listen to “Wish I Was Here” at NPR right now.

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Watch: U2 Cover Daft Punk, Lou Reed & Bowie at RED AIDS Benefit

Check out these videos of U2 at the RED Auction in NYC last night, where they were raising money to fight against AIDS.

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Big Bucks Dept.: Madonna Tops List of Highest-Paid Musicians of 2013

Lady Gaga banked $80 million.

Though the year is not quite over, Forbes has put together a list of the best-paid musicians of 2013 and the Material Girl tops the list, netting $125 million thanks mostly to her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million.

Lady Gaga comes in second, netting $80 million, mostly from touring, where she grossed $168 million.

There’s an overview piece at Forbes

Check out the rest of the list:

1. Madonna – $125 million
2. Lady Gaga – $80 million
3. Bon Jovi – $79 million
4. Toby Keith – $65 million
5. Coldplay – $64 million
6. Justin Bieber – $58 million
7. Taylor Swift – $55 million
8. Elton John – $54 million
9. Beyonce – $53 million
9. Kenny Chesney – $53 million
11. Diddy – $50 million
12. Paul McCartney – $47 million
13. Calvin Harris – $46 million
14. Jennifer Lopez – $45 million
15. Roger Waters – $44 million
16. Muse – $43 million
16. Rihanna – $43 million
18. Jay Z – $42 million
18. One Direction – $42 million
20. Dr. Dre – $40 million
20. Red Hot Chili Peppers – $40 million
22. The Rolling Stones – $39 million
22. Katy Perry – $39 million
24. Tim McGraw – $33 million
25. Pink – $32 million
25. Tiësto – $32 million