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Audio: Stream Entire Neil Young Winnipeg, Canada Concert – Jan. 16, 2014

I’ve previous posted many video clips from Neil Young’s “Honour The Treaties” benefit show at Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This is a terrific concert.

Now a very good audio recording has showed up on YouTube.

Check it out:

The setlist:

From Hank To Hendrix
On The Way Home
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Love In Mind
Mellow My Mind
Are You Ready For The Country
Changes (Phil Ochs cover)
Old Man
A Man Needs A Maid
Southern Man
Mr. Soul
Heart of Gold
Comes A Time
Long May You Run

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Video: Neil Young Plays ‘Pocahontas,’ ‘Mr. Soul,’ ‘Long May You Run’ & More in Winnipeg – Jan. 16, 2014

Neil Young via Winnipeg Free Press.

Last night Neil Young performed the second of his four-show Honor the Treaties tour at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Reviewing the show in the Winnipeg Free Press, Jen Zoratti wrote: “…there were only supporters in the house that night, and Young let the music speak for him in an intimate, solo-acoustic show that shone in its quietest, creakiest moments. With his face obscured by his now-iconic black hat, the Canadian icon reminded us just why he’s one of the best songwriters the world has known. He kicked it old school in a set that spent a lot of time revisiting his commercial peak of the 1970s, playing classic after classic.”

Read the whole review here.

Check out the setlist below the video clip thanks to the Bad News Bears site.

“From Hank To Hendrix”:

“On The Way Home”:

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart”:

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” (another clip):

“Love In Mind”:



“Harvest” (another clip)”

“Old Man”:

“A Man Needs A Maid”:


“Southern Man”:

“Southern Man” (another clip):

“Mr. Soul”:


“Pocahontas” (another clip):

“Heart Of Gold”:


“Comes A Time”:

“Comes A Time” (another clip):

“Comes A Time” (another clip):

“Long May You Run”:

“Long May You Run” (another clip):

(Check out my post, with videos, from the January 12, 2014 Massey Hall show. And even more videos from the Carnegie Hall shows.)

Neil Young spoke in Winnipeg Thursday about his support of the First Nations communities:

Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1. From Hank To Hendrix (acoustic guitar)
2. On The Way Home (acoustic guitar)
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (acoustic guitar)
4. Love In Mind (piano)
5. Mellow My Mind (banjo)
6. Are You Ready For The Country? (piano)
7. Someday (piano)
8. Changes (acoustic guitar)
9. Harvest (acoustic guitar)
10. Old Man (acoustic guitar)
11. A Man Needs A Maid (piano/synthesizer)
12. Ohio (acoustic guitar)
13. Southern Man (acoustic guitar)
14. Mr. Soul (pump organ)
15. Pocahontas (pump organ)
16. Helpless (acoustic guitar)
17. Heart Of Gold (acoustic guitar)

18. Comes A Time (acoustic guitar)
19. Long May You Run (acoustic guitar)

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