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Audio: Bob Dylan Sings ‘Ballad Of A Thin Man,’ ‘Long And Wasted Years’ – Brisbane, 2014

Bob Dylan at The Tivoli. Photo by Paleearth.

I’ve previously posted a bunch of clips from Bob Dylan’s Brisbane, Australia shows.

You can find them here and here and here.

These new clips just went online. There’s “Long and Wasted Years” from the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 25, 2014, and then a nearly 9 and one half minute “Ballad Of A Think Man” from Dylan’s club show at The Tivoli on August 27, 2014.


Bob Dylan, “Long And Wasted Years,” the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia, August 25, 2014:

Bob Dylan, “Ballad Of A Thin Man,” The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia, August 27, 2014:

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