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Audio: Bob Dylan & Jack White Do ‘Ball and Biscuit’ — Mar. 17, 2004

Collage via Antiquiet website.

You might recall a decade ago when Jack White joined Bob Dylan on stage at the State Theater, Detroit, MI to perform “Ball and Biscuit.”

Or maybe not.

In any case they share vocals and White rips off some smoking guitar.

White has said about Dylan, “He’s very good at making sure you don’t know him.”

White told the Wall Street Journal how he came to play onstage with Dylan:

“That was just by accident. I went and saw him play in Detroit and he said to me, “We’ve been playing one of your songs lately at sound checks.” I thought, Wow. I was afraid to ask which one. I didn’t even ask. It was just such an honor to hear that. Later on, I remember I went home and I called back. I said, “Can I talk to the bass player?” I called the theater. I was like, “Did Bob mean that he wanted me to play tonight? ‘Cause he said some things that I thought maybe – maybe I misconstrued. Was he meaning that he wanted me to play with him tonight? I don’t want to be rude and pretend that I didn’t hear or something like that.” So turned out yeah, we played together that night. He said yeah, come on, let’s play something, and we played “Ball and Biscuit,” one of my songs. It’s not lost on me that he played one of my songs, not the other way around.”

– A Days of the Crazy-Wild blog post –