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Audio: Dig On This Previously Unreleased Bikini Kill Song, ‘Girl Soldier’

So back in the day, the day being 1993, Bikini Kill released a 12-inch, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, that featured Bikini Kill songs on one side and Huggy Bear songs on the other.

Next week Bikini Kill will re-release the 12-inch, only this time the flip will feature seven unreleased Bikini Kill songs.

Hear one of those songs right now.

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Hear How Kathleen Hanna Inspired Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Photo via The Julie Ruin website.

Cool excerpt from the new documentary, “The Punk Singer,” at Spin today.

The film is about former Bikini Kill leader/ current The Julie Ruin front-person, Kathleen Hanna, and in this clip Hanna and others talk about Nirvana and Hanna’s role.