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Watch: Kim Gordon’s mid’80s Art Film


Back in the ’80s Kim Gordon wrote for Artforum and made visual art (as she still does) along with making music in Sonic Youth. Here’s an art film, “Making the Nature Scene,” she shot at Danceteria, a New York club that no longer exists. According to Spin, filmmaker/designer Chris Habib digitized the film for Gordon.

Habib writes on the Vimeo website where the video is posted: “excellent video i found in my sonic youth archive. i digitized it for kim during her CLUB IN THE SHADOWS exhibition at kenny schachter’s old space in the west village.

“shot at DANCETERIA in new york c.1985.

“judith barry, roli mosimann, alexa hill, wharton tiers, and chasler aided kim in the production of the film. tony oursler edited it. the ICA & artists space helped fund it.”

Watch it: