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Audio/Visuals: Raymond Pettibon Draws Cover for New Off Album; Listen to ‘Void You Out’

Cover art by Raymond Pettibon.

Wasted Years, the fourth album from the punk supergroup Off, will be released on April 8, 2014.

The group is comprised of Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt/Earthless), and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross).

What’s equally cool is that their cover art (for this and other releases) is by the great Raymond Pettibon, who first came to my attention with his art for Black Flag flyers and records in the late ’70s.

Pettibon is now a highly regarded ‘fine’ artist, but he’s still in touch with his punk roots.

Below you can stream “Void You Out,” a track from Wasted Years.

“Void you Out” “pulls its anger from misleading historical revisionism,” according to Rolling Stone. Morris is quoted as saying:

“Who was here first? A bunch of uptight, always-right Caucasians with their heads buried up each other’s asses, trying to tell the rest of us how North American history went down and is going to be changed because of their intelligence or lack thereof. Thus: ‘Void You Out!'”

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