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Big Bucks Dept.: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ Lyrics Sell for $197,000

The lyric sheet that sold at Sotheby’s today.

An in-process handwritten draft of Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics for “Born To Run” sold at Sotheby’s today for $197,000.

At one time the notebook page was owned by Springsteen’s former manager, Mike Appel, according to Sotheby’s. However the identiy of the seller nor the buyer have been revealed.

Of course if you don’t need to have the original, you could do like I did and print out this scan of the lyric sheet.

It’s not gonna get you $197,000 but it’s pretty cool to check out a work in progress, especially when the writer is Bruce Springsteen and the song is “Born To Run.”

For more on the auction, check out this Associated Press story.

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