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Watch: Kristin Hersh Performs New Throwing Muses Songs In London

To promote the new Throwing Muses album/book, Purgatory/Paradise, Kristin Hersh performed some of the new songs on acoustic guitar at Rough Trade in East London a week and a half ago.

I’ve been listening to the new album today, and it’s fantastic. I think longtime Throwing Muses fans will really like it, but I also think the current indie crowd will dig it too. And anyone else with an open mind.

Check out some of the live performances:

A narrative piece followed by a performance of “Wayfaring Stranger” at Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, North London.

Return Of The Throwing Muses: “We wanted no further part [of] the recording industry”

Later this week the Throwing Muses return with a new album, Purgatory/Paradise, their first in ten years. The 32-track album comes with a 64-page book of essays and stories by Kirstin Hersh, plus photos and artwork by Muses’ drummer  Dave Narcizo and Hersh.

“We’ve always lived in our own private world,” Muses leader Kirstin Hersh told The Independent, “and we might  well have made this record and never released it, but we felt it was worthy of release.”

The group has spent the past decade “divorcing ourselves from the recording industry, which is collapsing. We wanted no further part in it,” Hersh said.

The new book/album is being published by HarperCollins’ The Friday Project Limited imprint.

For the entire story, head to The Independent.

Here’s are some old videos for your enjoyment.

Listen: Throwing Muses “sleepwalking 1”


Maybe you already know about this, but then again maybe you don’t. The song is “sleepwalking 1.” It’s a cool taste of the new Throwing Muses CD/book, Purgatory/Paradise due October 28.

For more, check out this old story in Pitchfork.

Here’s a list of the tracks:


01 smoky hands
02 morning birds 1
03 sleepwalking 2
04 sunray venus
05 cherry candy 1
06 film
07 opiates
08 cherry candy 2
09 freesia
10 curtains 1
11 triangle quanitico
12 morning birds 2
13 lazy eye
14 blurry 1
15 folding fire
16 slippershell
17 bluff
18 blurry 2
19 terra nova
20 walking talking
21 milan
22 curtains 2
23 folding fire 1
24 static
25 clark’s nutcracker
26 dripping trees
27 sleepwalking 1
28 smoky hands 2
29 speedbath
30 quick
31 dripping trees 2
32 glass cats