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Listen: Linda Perhacs’ Long-Awaited ‘The Soul Of All Natural Things’

Linda Perhacs’ 1970 album Parallelograms was brought back from the dead by Devendra Banhart.

Now Perhacs has a second album, The Soul Of All Natural Things, and it’s as unique as her debut.

You can listen to it now at NPR’s First Listen.

Check out Parallelograms:

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Linda Perhacs First Album in 44 Years Due in March

Back in September I reported that psych-folk singer Linda Perhacs, whose 1970 Parallelograms is now considered both highly influential and a classic, was working on a new album, her first in 44 years.

Today it was announced that the album, The Soul of All Natural Things, will be released on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label on March 4th. in a press release Perhacs said:

We get too far out of balance and we must find a way to get back to our polestar. I felt that people needed to be reminded of that. My music isn’t just recreational, it’s not just entertainment. I have a deeper purpose. My soul is giving itself to the people; I want them to be helped, I want them to be lifted.

Listen to a song off the album:

Track listing:

1 The Soul of All Natural Things

2 Children

3 River of God

4 Daybreak

5 Intensity
6 Freely

7 Prisms of Glass

8 Immunity

9 When Things Are True Again

10 Song of the Planets

Read more about the new album here, and get some background on Linda Perhacs here.

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Return Of ’70s Psych-Folk Singer Linda Perhacs


The Linda Perhacs revival has been going on since the end of the ’90s, with Devendra Banhart, Thurston Moore and even Daft Punk helping things along. Actually revival isn’t accurate. When Perhacs debut album, Parallelograms, was released in 1970, no one paid any attention and it was gone gone gone. Thankfully the album was rescued from oblivion and is currently available.

Listen to all of Parallelograms here:

Perhacs has been working on a second album, and according to her website, The Soul of All Natural Things is “coming soon.” Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for turning me on to this cool video, a live version of the title track of the album: