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Audio: Neil Young Shares Awesome Orchestral ‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up?’ On Climate Change Protest Day

Today, a day when over 300,000 people reportedly assembled in New York for the People’s Climate Day March to voice their concerns that serious work needs to be done to stop climate change, Neil Young released an orchestral, studio recording of his protest song, “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”

The musically stunning anthem attacks big oil and the “big machine.”

But what Neil Young doesn’t address in his song is that animal agriculture — factory farms and the whole system of meat production — is the biggest contributor to climate change. This is the elephant in the room.

As the new documentary “Cowspiracy” shows, environmental groups, for the most part, ignore this ‘inconvenient truth.’ If you haven’t seen the film, google it and find a showing near you. Or wait until early November and you can get the DVD. It’s a must-see film.

Today I spent three hours at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition at the huge Bay Area People’s Climate Day event and we passed out 100s of brochures detailing the impact of Factory Farms (and eating meat, or products made form animal secretions such as milk) to mostly unaware environmentalists.

Two activists at the Oakland People’s Climate Day event.

I would love for Neil Young to see “Cowspiracy,” or for someone, anyone, to get some information to him. It’s great what he’s doing but there’s this big hole, it would seem, in his knowledge of what is contributing to climate change.

Plus acoustic version:

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