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Watch: Robert Plant’s ‘Zirka’ — Episodes 7 & 8

Photo via Robert Plant’s Facebook page.

Here are the final two episodes of Robert Plant’s documentary on his 2003 trip to Mali, “Zirka.”

Watch previous episodes here.

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Watch: Robert Plant Sings “Win My Train Fare Home” in “Zirka” Part 5

More of Robert Plant’s “Adventures in Hi-8,” a documentary of his 2003 trip to Mali loaded with music. This episode of “Zirka” begins with a performance of “Win My Train Fare Home.”

Watch all previous episodes here.

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Watch: Robert Plant & Friends Jam on “Whole Lotta Love”

Photo via robertplant.com.

In the fourth episode of “Zirka,” Robert Plant’s documentary of his trip to 2003 Mali, the Led Zep singer jams with other musicians on “Whole Lotta Love.”

Check it out:

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Watch: Robert Plant Posts 2nd Episode of His “Zirka” Series

Last week I told you about the video series Robert Plant has made documenting a trip to Mali to perform at the Festival in the Desert in 2003. Here’s the second episode.

You can watch part one here.

Watch: Robert Plant’s Malian Journey, “Zirka”

In 2003 Robert Plant and his band headed to Mali and Performed at the Festival in the Desert. The trip was videoed, mostly by Plant himself, and has been turned into an eight part series, “Zirka.” The first episode went online today, and there will be a new one every Monday. You can catch them each week here at Days of the Crazy-Wild, or head to Robert Plants website and watch there.

Robert writes on his Website about the series:

Call it fate or lady luck smiling down on me…

In 2001 my life in music hit a wondrous curve onto a road of good fortune – of new invention. I am ever intrigued by new possibilities and places and people to land amongst.

Zirka is a rough travelogue…

A journey of revelation…one of the most illuminating and humbling experiences of my life.
A journey that took us from the scurry and bustle of our world into the homeland of the Tuareg..the Sahel of Mali, Timbuctoo and north to Essakane.
A journey that could only reinforce the power and the great gift of music across and between cultures..sharing outside of language. A world where for awhile, at least borders, boundaries and barriers once again fell away..as it was long ago..

— RP

Watch the first episode below: