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Jim James On Touring With Dylan: “”We never talked to him once…”

Jim James of My Morning Jacket says he was surprised to discover, when his group toured with Dylan for six weeks, that the legendary artist chose to have almost no contact with his opening acts.

“Bob really wasn’t around,” James told Rolling Stone. “We never talked to him once once. He does not hang, which is fine and understandable . . . or it’s kind of understandable. I don’t know.”

However Dylan did join James and Jeff Tweedy onstage during the tour. Check out the fan shot videos below.

“Bob doesn’t want videos and cameras at his shows,” James told Rolling Stone. “All that stuff is Bob’s call. It’s his world, and when you’re in somebody else’s world, it’s their call and you gotta respect that. The whole tour was a huge honor and I’ll never forget it.”

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