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Unheard Tom Waits’ Demo Sells for at least $4000

A demo tape that the owner claims is Tom Waits’ first recordings was sold at Recordmecca today for at least $4000.

The seven-song tape includes one that Tom Waits never rerecorded or released, “Tornado In My Soul.”

Here’s the info that was posted at Recordmecca:

An unreleased and undocumented 1971 Tom Waits demo tape, including the never recorded song “Tornado In My Soul.” This tape came from the collection of Waits’ first manager, Herb Cohen, with “Tom Waits Demos Tape 1″ on a card taped to the box front, and song titles in an unknown hand. The back of the box has crossed out song titles of tracks by the Michigan band The Litter.

The seven demos include the completely unknown song “Tornado In My Soul” and unreleased, alternate demo versions of tracks that appear on Waits’ debut Closing Time and The Early Years and The Early Years Vol. 2 cd‘s. The tracks are:

1. Pancho’s Lament – Unreleased version with spoken introduction, different lyric from The Early Years.

2. My Old 55 – Unreleased version with spoken introduction, piano backing instead of the guitar on The Early Years.

3. Tornado In My Soul – Unreleased and undocumented song.

4. Rockin’ Chair – Unreleased version with spoken and sung introduction and different lyric to The Early Years.

5. Virginia Avenue – Unreleased version with different lyric to The Early Years.

6. Rosie – Never released as a demo and different to Closing Time version.

7. Mockin’ Bird – Unreleased spoken introduction, similar to version on The Early Years Vol. 2 but possibly a different take.

To our knowledge, this tape is completely uncirculated and previously unknown. A truly unique and historic artifact from the earliest days of Waits’ recording career.

A professional digital transfer of the tape is included. Note: We are selling this as an artifact only, and no rights to release or duplicate this tape are included nor implied.

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