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Art: Bob Dylan’s ‘Drawn Blank Series’ Exhibited Simultaneously in New York & Perth, Australia — See Gallery of Dylan Art

Bob Dylan, artist.

He may be touring the world.

And recording new albums.

And OKing the release of archived recordings.

But Bob Dylan is also putting his art out into the world in a major way.

This week his “Drawn Blank Series” is not only being exhibited at the Ross Art Group gallery in New York.

At the same paintings based on the original drawings he did some years ago are on exhibit at Weatherby Fine Art in Perth Australia.

And of course last October, Halcyon Gallery in London had Dylan’s “Mood Swings” exhibit, in which iron works by Dylan were exhibited along with paintings and signed limited editions.

Dylan created more than 300 drawings during his 1989-1992 world tour, and later reworked many of them in watercolour and gouache.

Here are some of Dylan’s paintings:

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