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Thurston Moore’s Women Troubles Blow Up Online

The wronged woman. Illustration in the Wall Street Journal.

Things seemed to be going well for Thurston Moore.

He was living in England.

He was making music.

His split with Kim Gordon was behind him, and her comments in the press had faded away.

Moore himself had remained mum on the subject. His personal life was his personal life.

And then Moore decided to say a few words about the split and his current love, Eva Prinz, who edited art books for Moore’s Ecstatic Peace publishing house.

I’m in a really romantic place with Eva; we’ve kinda been a couple for close to six years. A lot of those years, nobody was very aware of it except us. The cat’s been out of the bag a while now…

I’ve had some life issues. In your 40s and 50s things can change in ways that upset the order of things that have been established over 25 years-plus of marriage. It’s really distressing. You have to work through it, it’s very personal and I don’t really talk about it so much. It’s just something I work through in my own world.

I’m involved in a really sweet relationship, and it really does make me happy; it truly does. But I’ll always have that experience of sadness that a separation brings, especially one that was as important, not just to me but everybody around us. There have been some fall-outs, but that’s to be expected. It’s pretty heavy.


Big mistake, dude.

On Wednesday the feminist website Jezebel ran a post with this headline: “Thurston Moore Confirms He Is a Dick”

Aging indie rock cool guy Thurston Moore spoke publicly for the first about the end of his marriage to ageless indie rock cool lady Kim Gordon to a UK magazine recently. And, predictably, he sounds like a dickhole.

Moore and Gordon’s 2011 split killed what little belief in love remained in the jaded hearts of Generation X. But what made things worse were widespread allegations that Moore had been fucking around on Gordon for years with a much younger woman, allegations which Moore has now confirmed in an interview with a British mag.

Flavorwire’s Tom Hawking lamented Moore’s admitted philandering, claiming that Moore had disingenuously presented himself as a counterexample to the dickswinging rock n’ roller only to make a fool of Kim Gordon, who is still possibly the coolest woman in the world. There’s also this:

“It’s that, by the sounds of it, he was cheating on Gordon for years, and seems to feel the need to tell the world about this. It’s that by his own timeline, he may well have already been getting it on with his new love when he and Gordon appeared inBust’s annual Love Issue in 2007, talking about how great their marriage was. And so on.”

For more of the Jezebel post, go here.

Not to let this whole thing become yesterday’s news, Moore posted this on Facebook:

Jezebel is gender fascism. By not having any real critical facility to understand, in their case, men in relationship to women (presumably them) they opt to promote hate by imperialist blather. By couching it in feminism is a distinct lack of class, but i’m sure they’re having a bit of online fun and when they grow up maybe they’ll glean the complexities of real life and love.

Stereogum ended one of their posts on the subject like this:

Well, uh, I’m sorry you’ll have that experience of sadness, dude. I’m sorry it’s “heavy.” But based on all available evidence, is there anyone who’s not Team Kim on this one?

No one but Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon will ever really know what happened, and why it happened. It certainly looks bad for Moore, but who are we to judge?

I hope that going forward, both Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are able to move on and enjoy their lives.

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